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      Company Profile
      Company Profile

      Beixin Resilient Flooring Co., Ltd. is the unique PVC resilient flooring production platform under China National Building Materials Group Co., Ltd., which is world top 500 enterprises and managed directly by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. Beixin has over 30 years of PVC floor manufacturing history.In China,Beixin is one of the manufacturers who possess the most complete PVC flooring product series,the largest productivity and world-class flooring manufacturing technology and equipment.

      Beixin has two manufacturing bases Changzhou and Wuxi.It owns the worlds most advanced non-directional homogeneous vinyl sheet line,imported full sets of advanced equipment and technology for commercial heterogeneous vinyl sheet and VCT line from Germany and Japan etc.. Beixin possess homogeneous vinyl sheet, sports flooring, commercial heterogeneous vinyl sheet, vinyl composition tile,car flooring etc. with multi-series, multi-level complete product series, providing solutions for different application ranges.

      The range of product application covers four major business areas, including commercial heterogeneous flooring, sports flooring, residential flooring and special functional flooring which have passed the test of China National Building Material Testing Center, National Sporting Goods Center, and National Fire Detection Center. The flooring have been exported to Thailand, India, Malaysia, Europe, North America and other countries and regions, which are widely welcomed by domestic and foreign users.

      Beixin will continue to accelerate the integration of resources, increase market investment, and we are devoted to making BEIXIN resilient floor to be the famous national brands of independent core competitiveness expertise with the Chinese characteristics. The vision of Beixin is to become world’s leading,domestic first-class quality  flooring enterprise and to be the“Flooring Expert”in the world.

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